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With a proven track record, Reform Painters is the ideal choice for commercial decorating projects across East Anglia, Cambridgeshire and beyond.

Over the years, our team at Reform Painters have completed a number of painting, decorating and refurbishment works both for domestic and industrial clients. What our customers seem to like about us is that we are honest with our pricing and will try our best to accomplish any task outlined for us.

Whether that’s climbing 100 plus feet to paint the very top of an industrial chimney, or just ensuring that their office space is in tip-top condition before a major function. Reform Painters based in King’s Lynn, always tries to go that extra mile to ensure that the outcome you want and the outcome you receive mirror each other exactly.


Over the years Reform Painters has worked with a number of clients, both for single and multiple contracts. Not only are they happy with our work once, but continue to use us for their commercial and industrial painting on a regular basis.


Here at Reform Painters, we can provide a full range of services to multiple industries. Although we are a commercial and industrial painting company based in King's Lynn, we are able to carry out a multitude of work across Norfolk and beyond.




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